A story of an ideal American family to rival The Waltons...

You Must Be A Jones, A Family Memoir is a heartwarming story of an African American family persevering during some of the country’s most significant periods of change. The story highlights how Cole’s parents, a committed and hardworking African American couple, created a happy and wholesome life and promising futures for their seven children despite the limitations of segregation and racism.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Gain a glimpse into the lives of one large black family who refused to let racism and modest means keep them from reaching their goals.

  • Learn about the impact of segregation and integration, the power of a close family and determined parents, and the magic of growing up in a place where everyone knows your name.

  • Discover how the author and her brothers and sisters learned the importance of never giving up.

You Must Be A Jones evokes tears, laughter, and nostalgia for families and communities that support and uplift their neighbors and friends. With an open and curious mind, readers will connect with a story not typically told of African American families.



Published December 2020

Lydia Jones Cole is extremely proud and excited to share her first work as an author in You Must Be A Jones. For years, she felt the stories of everyday African Americans were not being told. Her family's story gives voice to the many aspiring, successful African American family stories that really need to be told.

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