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" This is a unique view of Americana as told through the eyes of one of seven children in the Jones family. The time period spans some 50+ years and relates the impact of societal changes to the family while at the same time keeping the feeling of the cohesion needed to persevere. . . . The author has done a great job of storytelling and changing the age of her voice as time progresses. Bravo!"

VM (Amazon reader review)

"You Must Be a Jones is a must-read for anyone who grew up in an all-Black community in the 50s, 60s, or 70s; it will take you back down memory lane. . . Lydia has captured the essence of the Black community and Black Family."

F. McFail (Amazon reader review)

". . . Finally a book that portrays a black family in America who overcame and navigated through the obstacles only black families experience! It clearly maps the journey, detail experiences struggles and success. . . "

Sharon (Amazon reader review)

This book, the author's first, is beautifully written. . . . I almost felt like I was a part of the family getting to know each member. The happiness shone through, the camaraderie was moving, and each chapter lets us see a unique attribute about the Jones family."

Joslin (Amazon reader review)

"This is an excellent sequel to the Book "My Halls Hill Family." A must read for anyone who wishes to experience a black family's values of respect, support, hard-work, perseverance and the "Golden Rule."

W. Williams (Amazon reader review)

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Published December 2020

Lydia Jones Cole is extremely proud and excited to share her first work as an author in You Must Be A Jones. For years, she felt the stories of everyday African Americans were not being told. Her family's story gives voice to the many aspiring, successful African American family stories that really need to be told.

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